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Literature & Writing Courses

2024 Spring Schedule

*course selection changes each semester

All courses will include grammar, literary, and vocabulary progressions. The craft and skill of writing are also embedded into curriculum. Courses run on a semester basis and some courses require a pre-requisite or invitation.  

All Writing Composition courses have a Section 1 in the Fall and a continued

Section 2  in the Spring. Section 2 courses build upon Section 1 curriculum. Please note grade levels recommended for each course.

Page Turners Academy is a certified California vendor for literary arts education through charters like

Blue Ridge Academy and iLead Exploration.

Classes are scheduled by semester.

Spring 2024 semester runs from

January 8th to April 28th.

Please view the Spring 2024 Course Schedule PDF

for days and times of each course.​

Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 10.07.27 AM.png

*Tuition is a monthly payment per student enrolled. 

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