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Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary Tutoring

Private lessons with guided focus on literary and grammatical elements that help shape the meaning of a text.

These lessons can be devoted to working on English homework, book reports, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension skills. For older students, these lessons can also include work on context and application of a text.

$38/half hour


Essay Writing

Tutoring and lessons that focus on elements of the essay. Students working on grade level writing, creative writing, English essays, history essays, SAT/ACT essays, college writing, articles, or any professional writing are welcome.

$38/half hour


Open Subject Tutoring

Tutoring is available for any liberal arts subjects, including Art, English, and History for grades K through 12. 

$38/half hour


Dual Tutoring

Dual English tutoring for siblings or classmates is also available for scheduling. Specific reading and writing skills, projects, homework, and more may be focused on in a dual tutoring session.

$55/half hour


Tutoring Packages

Tutoring Packages are available for students who wish to schedule multiple sessions at a time. Packages for one hour sessions and half hour sessions, individual or dual, are available.

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