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About Us

Currently located in Sierra Madre, CA, Page Turners Academy is a program that hosts a variety of learning options when it comes to the literary arts. At its core, Page Turners is a literature and language program that can be utilized for homeschooling, English tutoring, and private enrichment classes. However, tutoring in other subjects is also welcome.

 Each literature and composition course aims to develop students' knowledge and appreciation of literature, language, history, written, and verbal communication skills. Additionally, our creative camps focus on encouraging a love for stories and writing through animated group readings, creative writing, games, activities, and crafts. Genre and topic are specified for each camp. For more information, please view our program options at the top!


Mission Statement

     Our mission at Page Turners Acadmy is to provide quality English language and literature education to students during their primary and secondary school years. Every course is carefully considered when it comes to curriculum. From learning activities to writing essays, from textbooks to the literature itself, we aim to ensure that students engage in a level-appropriate educational setting that will cultivate a joy and respect for the arts of reading and writing. The content and literature studied within courses align with classical Western traditions and values, while still allowing students the ability to make connections to universal experiences and truths.


     Additionally, we are a "learner based" program. This means that how classes are taught are based upon the students' needs and interests. We also believe that parents are the primary decision-makers when it comes to their children, which is why we provide a syllabus for each course so parents are aware of what is being taught and studied in classes. 

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