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Did You Know?

Why Read & write?

From a young age, we constantly listen the sounds of others around us--listening and learning--until we grasp the ability to communicate for ourselves. Reading and writing are extensions of this natural inclination. ​


Several studies have proven that knowing how to read and write well is the backbone of critical thinking, decision making, and creative strategy. Students will need to read and write in any class, from biology to history, in order to grasp new knowledge and cultivate wisdom from experience. These skills later translate into several areas of adulthood.

While the genres of reading and writing vary, the fundamental skills transfer and apply to each. This is why Page Turners Academy promotes a healthy understanding of the benefits of literature and language arts education. What may appear to be the reading of simple stories from the voices of ancient Greece, or poems from Industrial Revolution America, in reality, we are absorbing history, developing empathy, and learning the ebb and flow of the human condition over time. We are both learning the rules and structures of written form, and at the same time figuring out how to break those rules in a meaningful, effective way.


Reading and writing facilitate giving inward thought an outward form. This, then, will translate into skills of perception, ability to influence with words, and wield creative technique. When we learn to write, we learn how to think.  Together, reading and writing is a dance between partners. One cannot move forward without the other.

Therefore, Page Turners Academy embraces the belief that all students are capable of such skills. Whether students are interested in essays or poetry, short stories or novels, Page Turners provides a fun and imaginative atmosphere for them to dive deeper into the literary world and expand such skills.​

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